Method, Not Madness

The Power of Strategic Purpose

Why Us

The BrandMason difference is our people and how we work with you. It is seen in our approach, our mindset and our method.

Our Approach

We are not experts at your business. You are. Our expertise is in leveraging brand principles in strategic and creative ways to help you exceed your business goals.

From the start, we delve deeper. Greater understanding leads to better outcomes. Our 360-degree brand assessment gives voice to Employees, Customers, Users (often, not the customer) and Competitors. This multi-faceted approach helps us gain greater insight, enrich our creative and strategic thinking and make more actionable recommendations for your organization.

We work with you to craft a BrandMason® brand strategy architecture via a series of collaborative strategy session roundtables with your leadership team. Leaders from key areas are engaged and their perspective incorporated. The resulting brand strategy sets focus, ensures alignment and facilitates adoption. Your organization and resource partners will be armed to better deliver on your brand’s vision, core essence, promise and the strategies for accelerating growth. A sound, solid strategy will also help you and your team be more nimble, speeding up decision-making going forward.

Our Mindset

Our people have a unique ability to blend creative and strategic thinking to achieve brand breakthroughs.

Strategic purpose is our beacon. It defines our mindset. First, we start with the strategy. Then, deliver on it.

We ask ourselves lots of strategy litmus test questions. A few examples:

  • What is the strategy?
  • Does this deliver on the strategy?
  • Will this achieve the objective?
  • Is it clear what the product or service is?
  • Is it understood how or when to use the product or service?
  • Most importantly, how should the customer feel as a result of their brand experience?
  • Is the product / service delivering meaningful benefit?
  • Is this creative in alignment with the brand strategy?

If we don’t like the answers, we work harder to get there.

Strategic purpose powers great creative and business brilliance.


wondrous with limitless possibilities

Imagination +

Strategic Purpose 

creative & business brilliance with limitless upside

Our Method

The BrandMason® Method is the culmination of sixty years of brand management and consulting experience. Our method is the mashup of our process, our mindset, overarching brand strategy architecture, brand principles and models. It all leads to greater insight, more actionable recommendations, big ideas and a path to most efficiently and effectively achieving formidable competitive advantage.

Companies have leveraged elements of the BrandMason Method to achieve remarkable brand-driven successes for over 30 years. It is not unusual for a client to say that after working with us, they went on to apply the BrandMason Method’s models and principles in their future endeavors with great success!

Solve Your Brand. Exceed Your Goals.

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